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Natural Wax is perfect for protecting your painted or raw wood furniture. It adds a beautiful polished finish to any project, and because it’s all-natural, it’s also excellent for protecting children’s cribs, toys, and other furnishings.


The Natural Wax is just that - 100% natural. No fumes. No chemicals. No solvents. Country Chic Paint is committed to keeping our products as natural as possible for you and the environment. You can even smell the delicious scent of beeswax when you open the jar; as an added bonus, with Natural Wax your hands will be soft and silky smooth when you’re finished your project!


If you want to add light protection to your furniture while also adding some antique effects or sparkle, try one of the tinted waxes. Contact us for more details on the tinted waxes. Looking for a product that adds a little more protection? Try Clear Coat or our most durable sealant, use Tough Coat instead of wax.

Natural Wax

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